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Very short fiction, written on the fly, from words submitted by readers.
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Thursday, August 05, 2004

(Word "Whilom" courtesy of Tiger Lily)

Whilom brass, now silver. Whilom clay, now vitrine. Whilom shells, now marble. Whilom algae, now man. Whilom lava, now land. Whilom gas, now sun. Whilom reason, now passion.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

It's a narrow world where these folks live, three meters or so wide, ten meters deep, several hundred kilometers long. Imagine the world's biggest yardang, scoured by a Jovian wind, then lined with bourses and brothels and beehives, bridged back and forth a million times by rickety platforms made from the bones of teratornis scavenged from the howling surface just above the rim of the world. What life might they lead, living in virtually one dimension? Is there a progression of ageing, a sort of conveyer belt of birth and death? Is there only one axis of jealousy, hatred, lust?

Only the wind knows for certain, and it screams too loudly for anyone to understand.

("Yardang" courtesy of James M. Palmer)

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

We found a lacuna in the sidewalk out front of the house. A few minutes with patching compound and an old bag of severed Barbie heads and all was well. Until the tiny, plastic screams began echoing in the dead of night. We went back outside to see the agony, and the lacuna was bubbling. The patching compound oozed pink fluid -- doll blood? -- and tiny voices from deep within the sidewalk moaned and echoed in their fear.

Thank God for jackhammers. We filled the bigger hole that resulted with Ken heads off of which we had sanded the mouths with a Dremel.

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